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Manufacturer: SRM GmbH
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Product Information

The NEW SRM Indoor Trainer electronic can be ordered as a standalone item to be used with your existing SRM Powermeter : or supplied fitted with a full SRM Training System of your choice : prices below are with SRM PC8.  If you prefer an SRM PC7 the price will be around £300 less - please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a bespoke quotation. 

Indoor Trainer ONLYAdd Shimano 9000 SystemAdd Science SystemAdd SRM Origin systemAdd Campagnolo System
£3900+ £2750+ £2250+ £2900+ £3120

The SRM ELECTONIC INDOOR TRAINER with SRM system also comes supplied with a 2nd set of accessories to allow you to use the SRM powermeter and PC7 or PC8  on the road as well as on the trainer.

SRM, the specialist for Ergometer, IndoorTrainer and on-bike performance measurement presents the evolution of the SRM IndoorTrainer: the SRM IndoorTrainer Electronic. 

SRM has responded to the request of many customers to deliver the SRM IndoorTrainer with electronically controllable flywheel. In cooperation with the Italian company Gobat a magnetic brake has been developed which carries on the realistic riding experience of the previous flywheel, but can also be controlled electronically.

The brake can be connected via USB cable or Bluetooth LE 4.0 with your computer, or controlled via an app installed on the smartphone or tablet. Additionally, a handlebar remote is included to manually increase or decrease resistance in 10 watt increments or change magnetic brake position.

Delivery - 3-4weeks

Shipping costs - variable depending on address / country.



Product CodeSRMTP7A441
ManufacturerSRM GmbH